UAP Task Force Off World Vehicle - Case # 19

This video was captured by a man named Peter Maxell Slattery. Peter has got quite a following himself for his UFO stuff. I came across his channel and videos yesterday and reached out asking him if he would mind if I reviewed some of his videos.

I am very excited to be able to review some of these videos as I believe they are very authentic captures. I would personally really like to get my hands on the raw unedited footage of these captures, which I think some of these videos are, however there are a bunch on his page as well that have been edited, things being added in such as a copyright watermark and such.

Here's the video I made of his latest capture. As you can see, my video is clearly giving you a much broadened perspective of the object.

Should you have a good UFO video capture you also would like to be reviewed by myself, please don't hesitate to reach out. 

Peter's links can be found by visiting his page :



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