Interesting Object Captured in Germany

As you can see by the video it's quite an interesting capture by these couple kids. I'm pretty impressed they managed to hold the camera as still as they did. What I didn't like is the kid said the video was 3 minutes and it is only 10th of that. It's also missing the sound. Shame I would rather review the untouched footage. You can see clearly this object has some kind of rotation happening around it. It also appears as though the video was cut, when the object is being viewed in a lesser zoom, it then cuts right directly to the next zoom, instead of showing a natural zoom. Now this could be because they are much better at using their phone than I am, and they've figured out how to manage to tap the zoom 2 - 4 - 8 times options, and that's if it's presented. As this capture happened in 2018. What do you suppose this is? A Light being? a craft of some sort? a drone? an angel? a demon? a government craft? a time traveller? 




Source link is available by reviewing the video description on youtube.


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