Earth Elementals - Reviewing Erwin Saunders Pixies

Mostly thought as folklore, earth elementals have been in  the hearts and minds of humanity for as long as we could tell a great story around a campfire. You have different species discussed, goblins, trolls, fairies, pixies, sprites, dwarf's, hobbits, gnomes, nature spirits, earth elementals, satyrs, daemons, salamanders and gnomes, the list goes on and on and on. 

I am a firm believer in the invisible realm that we cannot see. We certainly can feel it from time to times and for some of us, we are experiencers of the other realm. 

I seen this video about a year ago, and I finally came across the source yesterday. I watched a bunch of the videos and even included my skeptical lovely lady to join me. We both found the guy to be very quirky and interesting, and at the very least, I was certainly ready to go sit in the forest for hours to try and capture them ourselves.

Before doing this however, I wanted to review the video in greater detail and see what's up with these little guys. However after doing a bunch of reviewing of the videos last night I got a little aggravated when I started seeing some anomalies. 

The nail in the coffin for me was the moment that the king looking guy on the rocks, gets to the rock and climbs it, and the leg seems to have disappeared, only to get to the top of the rock and to magically get it's leg back.

At that point for at least myself, I slowly sank back into the reality that these experiences are more then likely apart of a ruse. Well played my friend, well played.

I closed the program last night and decided I would delete it in the morning, however I decided I would publish the findings. I'm sure this won't be something that is very appreciated amongst the followers and believers of the community of people wondering when this man will post another video, as it's been almost a year or more since his last upload.

I even took a few screen shots of the faces of the being that does show up, again however, it is under my opinion that these are CGI critters. 


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