UAP Task Force Off World Vehicle - Case # 15

 On May 18th 2018 in California this object was captured. The eyewitness statement is the following.

" I was outdoors at Starbucks May 18 2018, waiting for car repairs when I heard a large aircraft approaching from the east. I pulled out my phone to take pictures or video, I'm a fan of military aircraft. 2 Osprey planes passed , I took 1 photo and I video as they passed overhead. On August 19 I was deleting old photos and video when I re-watched the the video and noticed a moving spot. Watching it frame by frame the spot appeared to be an aircraft as well. It passed the Ospreys going the opposite direction, and started to turn at the end of the video. It seems to be going very fast; could not have noticed it in real time. It could be a reflection on the lens, or some kind of light distortion, but I would like to have it analyzed. My descriptions are from video only. "




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