Earth Elemental Filmed in Iceland

 As if the world wasn't strange enough, an Icelandic rapper named Fever Dream captures a rather strange looking entity. On her original post, you can read her comments as saying, 

 " Feel like this creepy video that I posted on my story needs an answer. Shot on the cliff of Dettifoss, Iceland. Close to the capital city of elves, Ásbyrgi. No people in front of us and only a cliff so steep it could not carry anyone. We even went too far in my taste. I then noticed much later this little creature in my video and then a head popping up in the end 😰 Looking like the girl from Ring 😂 No drones, no birds, no plastic bags, what is it?? I am not crazy right it looks hella"

A creepy encounter indeed. You know to me this object appears to be a muppet. The other opinions vary but most decide on a camera / video tripod. I'm not sure how, but it very well could be a muppet made and being animated by a hand. It could be a garbage bag, or it very well could be a bloody goblin, earth elemental, troll, rock dungee kind of guy. 

Here's the video edit that I did, which will clearly show you the creature in a better light than the original video.



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