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" Death Star " Object Covered by Reviewed

Quite a lot of folks filming the moon, often catch objects crossing it. These objects are often bats and birds. It is very rare to see an object cross along the moon, while casting a shadow on the moon however. As you can see by this video edit I've done, this object is definitely casting a shadow against the moon. Is this CGI or the real deal? Often times, you would wish to really look at the shadow, frame by frame, to see whether or not it moves out of place, as the last video I seen showing several objects crossing over the moon, casting shadows, did not have the proper shadow placement following the path of the supposed UFOS. In this video, the shadow to myself, does appear to actually be proper in what I would expect a shadow to look like and appear. So this leaves me thinking that whoever did this video, it's likely the real deal, and if it's not, the person who created it did an amazing flawless job.

So if this object is real, this object would indeed have to be quite large, and or, it would need to be pretty close to the lunar surface. Is the P1000 camera strong enough to get this up close and personal, that you would be able to see a shadow being cast on it's surface all the way from Earth?

Some have suggested that this object may be a satellite making a pass, but a satellite is too small to cast a shadow on the moon, as well as the speed in which this object covers the span of the lunar surface, is way too fast for a satellite to be travelling. My final thought on this one, is that most satellites would also not be so close to the surface, as satellites are quite expensive, and it would be a waste of money and a complete failure to fly one so close, that it eventually comes crashing down to the surface.

You can find the Hidden Underbelly 2.0 post on this by clicking here. You can find the original video and account by clicking here. You can find the news article from The Sun by clicking here.

Travel Channel " La Bruja " video - paranormal caught on camera

I had a friend of mine share this video my way. It shows what appears to look like a witch being captured flying across the city sky. This video was shared by the Travel Channel, and is being featured on a great show called, Paranormal Caught on Camera.

I'm a huge fan of the shows put out by Travel Channel. I've also helped connect a few folks who have had some very legit captures of high strangeness, to the show Paranormal Caught on Camera which to me was a pretty cool happenstance that came out of no where.

So this video, showing a flying witch, very well could easily be this drone. You can find the source links to the videos used in the making of my video in the video description on Youtube.

Strange daytime capture by Jason Suraci

As you can see by this object and the few screen shots provided here, this object is no joke. This object can be seen morphing and changing and it's not the first time it;s been seen. Jason Suraci, a world renowned UFO Investigator Skywatcher has been filming objects for quite sometime now. We've sent this footage to our UFO expert to try to see whether he could come up with an explanation. He mentioned that it could be possible that these could be some kind of targeting or practice balloon type objects, quite possibly being used by the Space Force. These captures are happening out in Colorado and they are near the Space Force Base.

What's even more curious is that quite a few events and sightings have been had of this object. Not just once, but on multiple occasions. This object seems to have a tail, but in one circumstance the tail itself, is actually flying sideways. Perhaps there may be an explanation out there somewhere as to what this would be, however we cannot come up with one at the moment.

Perhaps there's more then what meets the eye. Perhaps these objects are coming from a dimension that we cannot perceive too often. Perhaps these objects are manifesting on a completely alternative reality, another dimension. In and out of our matrix. Just like ghosts. It's great to see a good friend get amazing captures like this. Stabilizing the footage is quite the task. The daunting part about it, is the lack of computing power. Every time I made attempts to actually stabilize the footage using an auto tracker, that usually works, it would cause the video editing software to crash. I've just uploaded a video of what I could stabilize on Youtube, you can find my Youtube channel at :

You can watch the video down below.

I've started to do some more narration over the videos as well.

You can find the source links placed into the description of the Youtube Video.

Pill like tic tac Captured

This strange looking object was sighted and filmed near Louisville Kentucky on October 7th 2021 around 7:04PM.

As you can see by this side by side review of the object, it does resemble a tic tac. I will say that when a camera, can and will change an objects appearance, and give the illusion that something is a tic tac, when it very well may not be. Luckily for us, this person also films a jet flying over at a later time, to give us an exact comparison of a plane being filmed in the same sky.

This sighting like many others these last few months, have been showing tic tacs floating around in our skies. They seem to be picking up in reports.

The eyewitness had the following to say when they reported their UFO sighting to Mufon.

" My father first mentioned the objects while we were watching my kids (his grandchildren) play on my back porch and asked “what the hell is that”. This caught my attention as well as my 2 children. We observed the 2 pill capsule-like objects start very close together which is what prompted my father’s concern and for me to grab my phone to record. They gradually spread apart and continued on a straight path until they were no longer visible. They appreared as white/silver in color but was difficult to pinpoint because the surface appeared somewhat reflective. we didn’t observe any windows. We are used to seeing planes daily coming from the SW direction as well, but the shape and color of the objects are totally off. We also observed an airplane flying SW to W on the opposite side of my back porch where we were located immediately after the incident occurred and we could no longer see the 2 objects, which further attests the color and shape of the objects were nothing like an airplane. I included the video of the airplane also as comparison to show the difference. I also did not notice while I was filming but my video has a few glitches in the beginning. "

When listening to them speaking in the background trying to figure out what the object is, you can hear a child confirming, " It's a UFO " Children have a much easier time accepting the possibility of the unknown without having to categorize it because they're more open.