A Personal Capture

Last night I got the urge to go sky watching. Within a few minutes of being there some strange light started flashing across the lake. Within moments more of them started appearing and disappearing. It was incredible. I've never personally witnessed this kind of event before, though I have witnessed similar events captured in the past posted by people out of New York state. I apologize for the language it may be offensive at times.

Elon Musk Contiues to Capture Objects From Starlink Launch Videos

Amazingly enough I feel like I'm probably the first and only person to report on this incident so far. More than likely because I'm the only one with enough time to comb through it frame by frame to actually try to pin point whether anything strange is happening in the video. A few things did pop out, mostly a bunch of debris, however there is one thing that happens on the left hand side frame, where an object is seen coming out from behind some clouds and it continues to clip along until the feed is changed a few seconds from it coming into view.Here's a video I made on it and have tried to distribute around to all the social places I have accounts.

Amazing Footage of an Off World Vehicle Filmed in Heathrow

This capture took place quite a little while ago. In fact, most of you probably have already seen it at some point or another. This capture was caught by MoonCat72 of Youtube. I came across his channel the other day myself and was pretty interested in some of the videos I came across. I plan to review more, but here's the latest one that took place over Heathrow about a month ago. Feel free to search up MoonCat72 in Youtube, their channel will come right up.
Very interesting capture!
Here's a bunch of the screen shots used in the video as well

Very Interesting Craft Captured Shape Shifting in Germany

Date: September 7th 2020 Time: 7:01AMLocation: Rückersdorf, , DE Eyewitness Statement: I was drawn to my balcony and spotted the object. I was stunned for some time until I got a grip of myself and got the camera. The object was much closer and bigger before I got the camera. It seemed to shape shift and emitted lights. It did not respond to my mental attempts calling it to come back or change direction. No sound. Direction west from where I was standing. Crossing Source link can be found on the youtube video description

Fantastic Object Captured in Flight or Just Mirror Reflection?

Date: September 8th 2020  Time: 3:36PM  Location: Travelling from Preston Airport AZ to LAX  Eyewitness Statement:  Spotted and recorded from window seat of United 5042 Prescott to LAX for approximately 10minutes. Showed the flight captain one of the still shots on my phone and asked if he saw this earlier and if he had any ideas what it might be? His reply was that it was the mirror reflection of the solar plant outside of Vegas.  Source link are available in the description on the youtube page.

Interesting Object Captured in Germany

As you can see by the video it's quite an interesting capture by these couple kids. I'm pretty impressed they managed to hold the camera as still as they did. What I didn't like is the kid said the video was 3 minutes and it is only 10th of that. It's also missing the sound. Shame I would rather review the untouched footage. You can see clearly this object has some kind of rotation happening around it. It also appears as though the video was cut, when the object is being viewed in a lesser zoom, it then cuts right directly to the next zoom, instead of showing a natural zoom. Now this could be because they are much better at using their phone than I am, and they've figured out how to manage to tap the zoom 2 - 4 - 8 times options, and that's if it's presented. As this capture happened in 2018. What do you suppose this is? A Light being? a craft of some sort? a drone? an angel? a demon? a government craft? a time traveller? 
Source link is availa…

Real or Fake - Some Very Interesting Captures Recorded

Sometimes Mufon is quiet like it is today and it allows me to branch out and look at some other sources for videos. Sometimes I visit What I like is that you have a bunch of videos all submitted by users, however I'm very unsure of how, what get's chosen and what gets tossed. I'm also not a fan of the lack of information surrounding the video posts. The original sources are left out and they are saved and uploaded back to the website and then displayed from there. All the source video links for this video can be found by reading the youtube video description. As always I've done my best to give you a better view of these objects from their original videos, often times even including the actual original video as well for you to have some kind of perspective. 

Interesting Craft Appears and Disappears After Spreading Chemtrails in New York

It's true, according to this video anyways. A person captures what appears to be a large plume of smoke, or a chemtrail being released from a plane. Then it stops releasing the smoke and ends up looking like some kind of large craft. It disappears and then reappears only to disappear again. Is this a well done hoax or something more?

Night Vision Camera - Bushnell Stealthview II

So I bought a night vision monocular second hand the other day to do some sky watching. Sadly it was posted at 280 dollars, boasting the cost originally was 399.00. I messaged the guy and he mentioned that he was using it for night watching animals. I grabbed the money and he agreed to meet me at night in order to test it out. When I got there, there was quite a bit of cloud over, as well as high rise buildings surrounding us. I turned it on and tested it for a few minutes and noticed a small dead pixel near the top right, but other then this, it seemed to be working fine so I paid the man and left.Last night was the first time I was able to get out to watch the skies and sure enough wouldn't you know it, the device shut off every ten minutes. I messaged the guy back telling him about the dead pixel and the device shutting itself off and well we all know how this story is going to end, myself fronting the bill.Does anyone have one of these cameras and experience this? He said to m…

Military Footage? FLIR Cam Captures Multiple Objects, Fires On Them, They Stay Standing

So I find this video quite interesting and thank the person who uploaded it to their Youtube page, and allowed me permission to review it myself. When I found very interesting is that these objects are seeming to be dripping something, and just a few days ago I reviewed a video situation where another man captures an object doing the same thing. Mind you both these incidences are 9 years apart, they do bear some striking similarities, or perhaps I'm just stretching, I'm not sure.Here's the video from New York:
and here's the video from Afghanistan supposedly shot in 2011 by the Military. 

As always please enjoy! Feel free to comment and or share. I have included the ability to google translate each and every post so there can be worldwide reach.

UAP Task Force Off World Vehicle - Case # 20

I found this capture to be quite interesting. You can clearly see a craft shaped object here with a cockpit. This object was captured on August 25th at around 7:30PM. The eye witness states the following: I stepped outside to smoke a cigarette, the moon was out and it was daylight outside. I like looking at the moon during the day. I looked down and then back up at the moon and saw this. I have lived near military bases for over a decade. I frequently see F22s and all manner of commercial and military aircraft. Source link is provided in the youtube video description.  

UAP Task Force Off World Vehicle - Case # 19

This video was captured by a man named Peter Maxell Slattery. Peter has got quite a following himself for his UFO stuff. I came across his channel and videos yesterday and reached out asking him if he would mind if I reviewed some of his videos.I am very excited to be able to review some of these videos as I believe they are very authentic captures. I would personally really like to get my hands on the raw unedited footage of these captures, which I think some of these videos are, however there are a bunch on his page as well that have been edited, things being added in such as a copyright watermark and such. Here's the video I made of his latest capture. As you can see, my video is clearly giving you a much broadened perspective of the object.Should you have a good UFO video capture you also would like to be reviewed by myself, please don't hesitate to reach out. Peter's links can be found by visiting his page :